Food for thought

Discover; how brands earn influence

Have you ever found yourself choosing between two similar products, but ultimately picked one based on the brand? While walking through the grocery store, you might believe you’re casually browsing, but in reality, you’re encountering numerous small decisions. Major brands and clever advertising tactics subtly influence shoppers into making purchases without their awareness. Let’s say […]


Discover; Performance Branding

Beyond the commonplace, beyond the logos, lies the symphony of performance branding. When we talk about major players such as Nike, Apple, and Google, their brands aren’t spontaneously established; they undergo calculated strategic development. Think of marketers as scientists and performance branders as astrologists. In our universe, brands aren’t just born; they undergo strategic sculpting, […]


Emotional Intelligence in Branding

In the maze of marketing strategies, where hard facts and statistics often dominate, the bright light of emotions seems to be gaining prominence. While marketers frequently lean on rationality, it’s becoming increasingly evident that consumer decisions are deeply rooted in feelings, even when individuals claim to act rationally. In the intricate world of our brains, […]


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